HAHAHA Jag döööör!

JAg gästbloggade ju på Lindahs blogg! Så här ser de ut om man översätter de till engelska:

Tjenixen nice fish!

Now I sit here with my broken keyboard, and be guest blogging! Also sits and thinks how do you dehär? : S What should I write? Then as they popped up a lot of unnecessary babble as you may notice?

John Lindah and I met last year at an introduction to a company we do not mention by name. Do they clicked pretty quickly between us! We have our own little pot head humor and we need each other in different ways. In other words, we would probably be the purfect couple if you want to express the order. Lindah offered me a place to live in order to facilitate everything! However, I was head over heels in love, so I was not so long at her sadly.
When I later ended up on the job for personal reasons so we did not know if we would be friends anymore but we were. Now Lindah one of my closest friends! We have our moments sick but we also have our bickering. If too small Bhar or other odds and ends. But what a friendship is a good friendship if you do not have different opinions?

Lindah and I are here for each other through thick and dry that we have proved for each other! Now we will also be colleagues again, which is heeelt wonderful! We had such fun at the last place we worked together on!

Now I believe enough to babble in his head is up, so I should quit before the text becomes too tedious to read!

Hakunamatata, soon, they we're the kings! Or something ... : P

Låter ju verkligen som världens sämsta engelska! Haha verkligen bokstavligt översatt! Haha ja hörrni! Kul man kan ha ibland!


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